Increase Your Productivity: The Local WordPress Development Toolset of Your Dreams

I had the opportunity to speak to a bunch of fabulous folks from within the WordPress community today at WordCamp Brighton and I shared a bit about my local development environment and how I’ve used my notorious laziness to optimize things for speed and productivity.

I’ve included the slide deck here so anyone can check it out. I’ve made sure to include links to relevant material in there to make it all easy to find. You’ll want to download the PDF document so the links work for you.

The Ultimate Happiness Engineer Starter Pack

The Ultimate Happiness Engineer Starter Pack

If you were wondering what a Happiness Engineer is or does, what a hypothetical day in the life might look like and how to get to work for the company behind, and other amazing products, my colleague who’s also an awesome teammate has provided the ultimate starter pack here.

Don’t say I never did anything for you.

Made in Cosmos

So you just found out that Happiness Engineering is an actual job. You always thought customer support is all about scary call centers, but then you met some folks who do this and have fun. You might have heard some stories that sounded too good to be true, and then became jealous when they turned out to be quite true indeed.
Maybe you’d never heard of Automattic before, and only had a vague idea of what WordPress is, but the more you learned about what Happiness Engineers do, the more you realised this is the job you always dreamed of.
Does that sound anything like you? That’s great, you’re most probably a my kind of person. Here is the ultimate guide that will answer the questions you have on your mind, and help you get started as a Happiness Engineer.

How do I know this is the job…

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The Dream Internship: Work at Automattic (Summer 2017 and Beyond)

Enterprise WordPress hosting, support, and consulting - WordPress VIP

Automattic — which runs, Akismet, VaultPress, and many other services — is hiring interns, specifically to work on the VIP team. VIP provides hosting and support for high-profile, high-traffic WordPress sites, including,,,,,,, and more.

The VIP team is continually looking for interns to work on client-facing development and support. These paid internships run 12 weeks and can be completed either full-time or part-time.

Where will you be working? Anywhere! Automattic is a distributed company. We’re happy if you work from wherever you’re happy — as long as you have a good internet connection.

What will you work on? The internship will focus on things such as working on improving VIP and community plugins, debugging client code, building tools to help clients better manage their sites, and making performance and security improvements to the VIP platform. Your work can also be tailored…

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Introducing for Google Docs: A New Way Forward for Collaborative Editing

Introducing for Google Docs: A New Way Forward for Collaborative Editing News

We are happy to announce for Google Docs, a new add-on that lets you write, edit, and collaborate in Google Docs, then save it as a blog post on any or Jetpack-connected WordPress site. Your images and most formatting will carry over too. No more copy-and-paste headaches!


To get started, just go to the Google Web Store page and click to install it.

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eCommerce in Nigeria for Fun and Profit

eCommerce in Nigeria for Fun and Profit

I was thrilled to get the chance to speak to a diverse group of people at CMS Africa 2017 in Abuja about getting their eCommerce on and how WooCommerce is the perfect vehicle for getting there.

It was awesome to be back on African soil for the first time in nearly a year for an excellent cause and to be able to share my knowledge.

Cutting my public speaking teeth with a very engaged “hometown” crowd made it all the more fascinating, and if there was no time limit, we probably could’ve gone on for another hour as the questions kept coming.

You can peep my slides here.